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Red Rock Legal Services, PLLC Client Reviews

Red Rock Legal Services, P.L.L.C. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our client’s and their families to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:

“Stood up for us when we needed him to”

When we were forced to file for bankruptcy we went to Mr, Chesnut. He was hardworking and knowledgeable and stood up for us when we needed him to. He was also kind and never made us feel bad about having had our lives take a negative turn. I would recommend Geoffrey to others who are facing challenges in their lives.

John B.

“A ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders”

Red Rock Legal is the only place to go in Southern Utah for bankruptcy services. Geoff Chesnut is competent and stays on top of every facet of my case. If something new comes up, all I have to do is call his office and everything is taken care of. I feel secure and confident that my case is going forward as it should. Regarding my court appearance, Geoff was right there by my side and took charge of communicating with the judge. I was nervous about the things I said, but Geoff smoothed everything out and got my bankruptcy to go through. I cannot say enough about the superior services that Red Rock Legal provides. I highly recommend them to anyone needing an attorney. Thank you Geoff and staff. You have made my life much easier and a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders.

Victoria T.

“Geoff had my best interest as heart”

Filing bankruptcy was a difficult decision to make….something I never thought I would face. That was a deeply stressful time. Geoff was very knowledgable and clearly explained my options. He was patient with my plethora of questions and concerns. He and his staff were very supportive, organized, professional and yet “real” so that I felt Geoff had my best interest at heart. I had good access to him and his staff and would recommend him to anyone finding BK their necessary path.

Lori S.

“Geoffrey makes you feel very confident in his knowledge of bankruptcy.”

Geoffrey has been working throughout the last two years on our Chapter 13. He helped us feel very comfortable with the situation, answered our questions, and did not make us feel rushed. He gave us a clear outline of what we needed, and if we had questions he was quick to respond. We have had a couple of problems–had to add a creditor and question another. . He was happy to help us with this. We were so pleased with his work that we recently sent another client to him, they also seem very satisfied. Geoffrey makes you feel very confident in his knowledge of bankruptcy.

Gary F.

“Geoff Chesnut stood out clearly as the most educated, organize efficient firm”

I would recommend Red Rock Legal to anyone that is facing bankruptcy. I went to many consultations with several different lawyers in town when I began this process. I was amazed at the lack of knowledge that most of them had. Red Rock Legal and Geoff Chesnut stood out clearly as the most educated, organized, efficient firm. My case was very complicated and needed an extremely knowledgeable team. Red Rock Legal helped make the process as smooth as possible. They were able to answer all of my questions initially and throughout the entire process. There were no surprises or misinformation because they took great care to do everything correctly. It’s so comforting to know that my case was handled properly.

John P.

“Honest and his advice is in line with my morals and desire to do the right thing.”

Geoffrey has helped us through this tough time in life. We had a tough choice and he helped us work with banks for about one year prior to filing. He helped to sort through the mess and determining what action to take. We have not finished yet but his advice has been helpful and has given us the information we need to be able to be fair to the creditors but also fair to us. He has been honest and his advice is in line with my morals and desire to do the right thing not only for me but making this bad situation as fair as possible for all parties.

Jason N.

“He’s always gotten back to us quickly and assisted us with any new situation or question that arises.”

It’s a really tough decision to file bankruptcy and Mr. Chesnut explained things very clearly and helped us understand our options. As we are still working through ch. 13, we’ve needed to contact him once or twice a year since we filed and he’s always gotten back to us quickly and assisted us with any new situation or question that arises. I’ve already recommended the Red Rock legal services and would recommend them again.

Dee B.

“Geoffrey is a 5-star rating in our book.”

Geoffrey was our attorney that handled our case for our bankruptcy. It was not something we wanted to do but Had to do. Geoffrey is a 5-star rating in our book. He was very thorough and detailed in our case. He dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s and made a very difficult thing for us a very smooth and successful process. Red Rock Legal and Geoffrey Chesnut really came through for us and I will continue to recommend him!

Ann H.

“He made a stressful situation much easier”

Working with Geoffrey and his staff at Red Rock Legal made the process of bankruptcy a lot easier. He walked us through the process, answered all our questions and helped us with the specifics of our situation. He made a stressful situation much easier and it was really nice having him next to us throughout the entire process. Very down to earth personality and thorough with details. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Marisa M.